William (Bill) Debrae

Managing Partner

Bill Debrae
With over 40 years’ experience, Bill Debrae has distinguished himself as an expert in maintenance and reliability consulting, providing exceptional value in the energy, chemicals, mining and manufacturing industries.

His proven expertise includes maintenance and reliability process development and implementation, asset strategy development, service compliance and key performance indicator (KPI) development. He works closely with all departments, mentoring key personnel to drive long-term behavioral change. Integrating maintenance and reliability into the organization strategy ensures sustainability and success.

Educating clients is imperative when changing behaviors. Bill Debrae has developed and taught multiple classes across a myriad of topics including: modern maintenance management; preventive maintenance; equipment history and analysis; spare parts control and optimization, spares warehouse development and planning and scheduling. He has also developed and taught classes on reliability maintenance tools such as S.O.S.™, and RCM™ and RCM Turbo™.