MRAC has a total combined maintenance and reliability knowledge base of over 100 years. A collection of specialty consultants who have years of experience, proven implementations, real-world trials and problem solving actions behind them. With the solid foundation of world class processes, MRAC is able to help clients in all industries by developing fit for purpose processes, facilitate the implementation, enable the behavior change and ensure the sustainability. Reliability of the process is always the end goal.

Our capabilities include all aspects of the Maintenance Work Management System, the Reliability Improvement Process and the Spare Parts Materials Management Process. MRAC is able to work from the first steps of design for reliability, maintainability and operability.. to greenfield… to an operating plant. Our services will help build the foundation, support the ongoing efforts and help in the execution of maintenance, reliability and materials management.

We target reliability, sustainability and savings.

Maintenance Reliability Administration & Consulting