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Within the ever changing world of the Upstream Oil and Gas there are process standardization efforts that are taking place to try to ensure sustainability. Some of the areas of standardization are; equipment types, Standard Operating Procedures, lubrication and chemicals. There are also efforts to get business processes standardized. However, due to patchwork quilt organization of a modern O&G or Energy company, it has proven very difficult to get all satellite offices up to speed and doing the same thing when it comes to maintenance planning and scheduling. That’s not to say that effective maintenance management is not important. On the contrary, it is perceived as very important.

However, with the lean running operations that are needed today, the responsibility of managing maintenance has fallen to a Lead Operators or Operations Supervisors. Unfortunately, when things go sideways maintenance management, especially planning and scheduling, take a back seat.

With the proven innovative approach of “Offsite Planning and Scheduling”, this gap in the continuous management of maintenance can now be plugged. MRAC is the leader in this type of service for the Upstream Oil & Gas. We bring extensive experience, developed task libraries and PM’s to help us hit the ground running. To top all of that off, we are incorporating disabled Veterans into this very important ground breaking endeavor.

We specialize in closing the gaps in the maintenance/reliability administration. Over the past 20 years the MRAC partners have been able to be flexible enough to adapt to the ever changing needs of the our customers. We believe that our learnings and practical application of tools, concepts and principles have created both a rigorous and robust solutions to the common gaps within industry.