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William “Bill” Debrae founds Maintenance Reliability Administration & Consulting, LLC (MRAC) to provide exceptional reliability solutions.

LOUISIANA, October 1, 2017, /PRNewswire/ – Building on 40+ years of success in Maintenance and Reliability, William “Bill” Debrae has founded Maintenance, Reliability, Administration and Consulting, LLC (MRAC) to deliver specialized maintenance and reliability solutions in several industries.

“Often, companies struggle to identify the right initiatives and fail to make a serious impact on the bottom line. What is needed is a single, cohesive strategy with an integrated approach.” According to Marc Hoppenbrouwers, in his article “The True Value of Reliability” in Uptime Magazine1. MRAC believes that maintenance and reliability planning is a strategic part of all enterprise. Implementing maintenance work management processes streamlines coordination between engineering, operations, reliability, procurement, and maintenance, which increases not only efficiency and uptime, but also improves the bottom line.

Founding MRAC has been Bill’s ultimate goal. “After many years of seeing the same gaps in the maintenance and reliability departments, it is great to be able to offer the targeted services that companies need on the foundation of the road to sustainability. Our goal is to provide quality solutions for every client” said Bill.

Founded by Bill Debrae in 2017, MRAC is the culmination of 40 years’ hard work, dedication, and experience. MRAC provides consolidated maintenance, reliability and administration (planning/scheduling) both onsite or offsite for clients in Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Mining.

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1Hoppenbrouwers, Marc. “The True Value of Reliability.” Uptime Magazine, April/May 2016, p. 40–23

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